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Train Tae Kwon-Do school is a member of the TAGB (the Tae Kwon Do Association of Great Britain), which is Europe’s largest single martial arts organisation.

At Train Tae Kwon Do school we welcome all new beginners from any background. Men, women & children can benefit from learning Tae Kwon Do. It will improve your fitness, flexibility and most of all your confidence.
The need to learn some form of self defence is becoming increasingly more important in modern life. Tae Kwon Do is arguably the best method of developing confidence into children and at the same time emphasising the importance of respect and discipline.
For Train Taekwondo Schools to continue to offer a family based and friendly training environment where anybody form any background and age can enjoy the art of Taekwondo.
As Students develop their skills, not only will they see the benefits physically, Train Taekwondo instructors will ensure they develop mentally by instilling the core values of courtesy, patience, respect, self-control, integrity, perseverance and indomitable spirit.
All Students at Train Taekwondo schools are treated as individuals; Taekwondo is not a “Team Sport” so students’ progress at their own speed. Our Instructors are on hand to coach, mentor and assist, ensuring all students get the most from their training.
Gavin Cook –4th Dan Chief Instructor / Director