Ninja Skillz is an age specific program for children age 3-4 & 5-6 years.

The Ninja Skillz program is specifically designed for children who are not ready to join the mainstream taekwondo classes  

The drills are intended to improve Balance, Memory, Coordination, Flexibility and Focus whilst teaching children about Discipline and Respect.

Each month we will also be focusing of the following core subjects

Charisma – Cooperation – Determination – Fairness – Goal Setting – Integrity – Patience – Respect – Self Confidence – Self-Discipline – Sharing – Sportsmanship – Teamwork – Trustworthy

All Drills and Techniques are taught in a fun and engaging way, as children move through the program they will learn the necessary Skillz to easily transition into the mainstream family taekwondo classes at age 6-8 years.