What is Taekwondo? 

Taekwondo is the Korean art of self-defence and means “The Art of Hand and Foot Fighting”. Taekwondo indicates the technique of unarmed combat for self-defence, involving skilled application of punches, kicks, blocks, dodges and restraints. Most of all Taekwondo is about self-imposed discipline, fitness and inner peace. Its origins go back 3,000 years ago. This provides its practitioners with a link to a tradition and philosophy which is truly historic. The art itself however has evolved with time to reflect the needs and aspirations of the modern martial artist. 

How is Taekwondo different to Karate and other martial arts?

Like Karate practitioners, Taekwondo students perform a lot of upper body techniques like punching, blocking and striking. What distinguishes Taekwondo from other martial arts is its superior kicking techniques. In Taekwondo students can learn to perform multiple kicks while flying and jumping in the air.

I’ve had my 1st Free session whats happens now ? How do i sign up?

After completing the initial Free session, students now need to select a membership package. Membership packages are available to purchase via the club manager app.  There are currently 2 membership packages – Basic & Accelerated Tuition. If you need another session before making up your mind you can select a extra session at a cost of £7 however your place will not be reserved until a membership package is purchased. No extra session will be offered for the 3rd class.

How can I upgrade from the Basic Tuition to the Accelerated Tuition ? 

Simply drop Emma an email at admin@eastyorktaekwondo.co.uk and let her know you want to upgrade. You can also upgrade via the app.

The Class I want is showing as waitlist only, how do get a space ? 

Waitlist means the class is at full capacity, you can still book this class and be added to the waitlist. As soon as a space become available you will be contacted via Text and Email.

Whats the TAGB Licence ? and why do I need it?

All Students are required to purchase a TAGB (Taekwondo Association of Great Britain) annual training licence and insurance. The TAGB is the governing body for Train Taekwondo Schools. The TAGB is the largest martial arts association in Europe and is supported by UK sport and the BTC (British Taekwondo Council). It is a requirement from the governing body that all members have a TAGB licence, which is currently £40.00 per year. The Insurance level is available to view when registering to become a Casual or Pro member.

What should I wear to train? 

Beginners to Taekwondo can wear any loose, comfortable clothing appropriate for training. Students must eventually purchase an official TAGB white ‘dobok’, or training suit, if they wish to grade for belts.  Students in the Ninja Skillz class must purchase a Ninja Skillz uniform. Both uniforms are available via our online store.

How old must my children be before they can start Taekwondo?   

Train Taekwondo Schools takes children from age 3 in the Ninja Skillz classes, children from age 5 can start in the mainstream Taekwondo classes if they are ready, they generally train with a parent in the family class at this age. Our instructors are trained in creating a teaching syllabus which is specifically aimed at young children and is not just a truncated version of an adult one. As such, young children will receive the best possible tuition which will help their fitness, motor-coordination skills and mental discipline. 

Can I keep my belt from a previous Taekwondo club I was a member of? 

This can be a tricky one, if your previous grade was from the TAGB, then the answer is generally yes as long as its not been too long since you last trained, however if its been a few years then you will need to do an official assessment and awarded a belt based on that. If your grade was with a Taekwondo club not part of the TAGB or a completely different martial art then unfortunately you will have to start at a white belt.

What do I need to bring to my first class? 

Always bring a drink to class preferably water and loads of energy.

Whats the S.T.O.R.M Team?

The STORM Team is an in house leadership program we run, S.T.O.R.M stands for Special Team Of Role Models. You will see students in the club wearing White(Rookie), Blue(Role Model), Red(Student Mentor) & Black(Assistant Instructor) Tee Shirts. Students Start as Rookie and work there way up, Students must show a positive attitude and have good Taekwondo grades to be selected. Students on the scheme are also committed to attending monthly training / meetings, and arriving early for class to assist the main instructors. To progress upwards S.T.O.R.M Team students will undergo internal gradings to progress to the next level.

Do I need to bow? 

The bow is perhaps one of the most misunderstood traditions in martial arts. The bow is done to show humility and is used to express a lack of arrogance. In addition, it serves as a sign of mutual respect between teachers and students and between practitioners and opponents. You should bow when you enter a training area – think of this as clearing your mind of daily problems and events, so that you are concentrating on the training ahead. Just as you bow when you enter the training area, you should bow when you leave. This signifies that your training in the class has finished. In Our Schools all classes are started by bowing towards the instructor to show our respect and gratitude for their teaching. Bowing should be done between two partners prior and immediately after training together. Bowing before working with your partner shows that you are alert and ready. The bow after shows gratitude to the other person for helping us to improve our skills and for the care they have taken to avoid injuring us during training.

How old should I be to train? 

We welcome students of various ages, ranging from age 3 to 80. Classes are designed to be suitable for both young and old students alike. 

How many are in a class? 

Ninja Skillz classes are limited to 12 or 15 per class, All Taekwondo classes have a set limit depending on the size of the venue, when this limit is reached the class be we have a waiting list.

Can I train with my children? 

Absolutely! we encourage patents to join along side there children, Taekwondo is truly a family sport both parents and children can benefit equally.

Do I have to train twice a week? 

Although we encourage students to train twice a week we also offer a training package for students who can only get to class once a week. As students reach green belt (after approx 1 / 1.5 years), Train Taekwondo Schools will offer you a train package review, most students start to train twice a week at this point as the training does start to get harder and the moves become more complex and harder to retain.

How fit do I need to be to start training? 

We welcome students of all fitness levels. We aim to help improve your fitness and flexibility through training. 

Do I have to grade for belts? 

Grading for belts is purely optional. The belt system sets goals for students and encourages them to learn new things and face fresh challenges. However, if a student does not wish to grade, we will still be happy for them to train with us. 

Do I have to stay and watch while my child trains?

This really depends on how old and mature the child is. The honest answer is its preferred if the parent stays and watches or joins in. If parents are not present its very difficult for them to understand what the child has to learn to achieve the next belt, they might also need help getting on equipment etc. 

Do I have to be flexible to start? 

No.  Regular exercise and stretching will soon help you improve your level of flexibility.

How long do I need to sign up for? 

You are free to cancel your membership at any time by giving one months notice via email.

Where do I get changed? 

All of our venues have a changing room.

Is there Parking ? 

Yes all of our venues have a car park.

When will I achieve my Black Belt? 

There are ten coloured belts which a student must achieve before grading for Black Belt, so the student learns a variety of skills and knowledge step by step. The minimum training time required to reach Black Belt at Train Taekwondo Schools is 5 years.

Where do I buy my training suit and sparing equipment from? 

Everything you need for training can be found in our Store, Its important to note that only approved training suits and sparing equipment purchased via the Store can be worn in class for insurance purposes.

Do I have to enter tournaments? 

Taking part in tournaments is optional. The TAGB holds tournaments regularly throughout the year, and many students find success through competition. However, there is never any pressure on a student to compete – the final decision is yours. 

Will I be able to defend myself? 

Yes! the skills you will learn will enable you to react to different attack situations using either blocks, restraints, punches or kicks that you have been taught in class. 

What if I don’t like violence? 

We don’t like it either. We encourage and actively promote restraint and self control. It is a fundamental principle of the study of Taekwondo that it must only be used for self defence or defence of the weak. Aggression is not tolerated. 

Can I train if I am disabled? 

Taekwondo is open to all students, and of all levels of ability. The TAGB has Black Belt students and instructors with disabilities, such as amputees, and those with hearing & sight impediments. Disability does not have to be a barrier to training. 

How much will it cost? 

We have two membership packages depending of how often you wish to train available in our membership area of the website.